Why victims stay silent

Though people are speaking up on the vice, it is still possible that most of the victims of cyber stalking suffer in silence without knowledge on whom to confide in and what is cyberstalking effect on victims. Victims of cyber stalking are known to suffer from severe emotional distress. This may lead to the victim requiring counseling therapy or medical attention so as not to suffer from depression. The other effect of cyber stalking is that victims suffer from fear and panic attacks with victims confessing of feeling powerless to an unforeseeable threat to their own safety. When one is living in such extreme fear, it raises concern that if unchecked, it may lead to the victim committing suicide.

As a means of fighting cyberstalking, more information needs to be released by the relevant authorities on how to profile and recognize cyber stalkers. The police or the relevant law enforcement authorities also need training on how to investigate and assist the victims of the crime. Victim forums such as support groups should be encouraged. Cyber stalker support groups allow the victims to share experiences and offer encouragement and support to each other.