January is National Stalking Awareness Month



I know who he is

Ive known who my stalker is since August. When I am find the place of who that was not one came to my house or tell me to come to the station to make a statement the officer just asked me who it was and his phone number was. She said she was going to call him and get his side of the story. My exact response was ” you have to be joking right? You think he’s just going to come out and say oh yeah that’s me I thought I’m the one that’s been stalking and harassing her!? NO????” And she did this just that she called him and she said the first time that the man I picked up the phone said that Larry (we are going to start calling my Larry) used his phone every now and then I told her that was BS I knew that was his cell phone number. She called Larry back later and she said that he told her that it was his phone and that he lied to her and he was sorry that he was definitely not the one harassing me. Also that he was going to make a written statement and take it down to the station and they would update me. So many things wrong with that scenario I wouldn’t even know where to start feel free to pick through it with your own thoughts. I told her if they lied to you the first time when I called why are you believeing him now? Then I asked her why want an officer come to the house or why aren’t you asking me to come in to listen today’s voicemails to look at these emails to look at these text why these are new since I filed my last report! Why why why? She said someone would contact me the next week no one ever did. 

Motherhood – Is It Worth It?


“So is it worth it?” asks my colleague somewhat skeptically from across the round cafeteria table. We’re both sitting on tall bar stools – her – as obliviously as someone would in their natural habitat, me – painfully aware of my status as a temporary uninterrupted meal haver and bar stool sitter.

See, I’ve only been here for two months and she doesn’t know that much about me. I am, at this point, a bit of a patchwork quilt displaying patches of 5am wake ups, occasionally stained blazers and usually uneventful weekends. Peeking from behind these patches is the quilt itself, which is everything else that makes you-at-work: personality, work style and known biography.

“But is it worth it?”


I am searching for the words I want to tell her – you — but they form into a ready-made, cookie cutter answer and slip out of my mouth before I can…

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