• Reduce access to personal information

Personal information should be kept in a safe out of reach location as cyber stalkers are known to mostly use such information against their victims.

  • All passwords on computers and on social networking sites should be changed

In the aim of protecting yourself or if one suspects that they are being cyber stalked it is advised that all passwords should be changed so that information on these sites or on the computer may be safe guarded.

  • Keep evidence

Keeping evidence helps the victim aid in the capture and prosecution of cyber stalkers. Emails, posts, text messages or any other form of communication that a cyber stalker uses to create fear should be stored to be later used as evidence.

  • Destroy physical documents that might be breached

In extreme cases, cyber stalkers break into homes and offices acquiring information they shouldn’t have. In this case, all information that may be used by a stalker should be destroyed so as to stop the cycle.

  • Use online security alerts

With the rise of cyberstalking, developers have come up with innovative technology that can alert us of suspicious activities on our online addresses. This alert can be equated to a personal security system

  • Contact the police

Cyberstalking can only be stopped if police are informed, well equipped and motivated to conduct conclusive investigations that lead to prosecution of cyber stalkers.